Friday, February 3, 2012

Hari 25 Perjalanan SLIM kak lola | FOKUS

Menu untuk semalam hari ke 24 je la eh..kih.{ sambil berangan2 masak masak ala ala Nigella la kan }

Jangan lupa minum SLIM pembakar lemak dahulu okayyyyy. Ngap!

My 1st letter to Sis Dila

Salam Sis Dila,

dengar banyak cerita2 best tentang kehebatan kak Dila.

Excited & looking forward to meet you personally. Im new in Tasha & Tony Happly Life Project 


Curiosity make me ask directly to u.

Many of my POTENTIAL customer still asking me...whats the different losing KG and losing inches.

Give me simple words to explain...dah haus dah nie explain cos manusia akan percaya apa yang di 

{ betol ke wajah kak lola dah makin radiant...hiks..malu*** dah tak payah..pi SENAMMM hahaa}

lihat lebih dari 

yang di dengari kan. 

I just bought new jeans and smaller size yesterday yeay! 

*** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Salam Sis Lily

i biasa-biasa aje sis... takde hebat mana.. I do this project dgn penuh love n passion.. so 

that the people yg kita talk to can feel us... Its not about money so i enlighten to them its 

FREEDOM that we want by finding the right vehicle.. dah tak de masa nak main-main, try 

try, cuba cuba.. we focus.. nanti bila i meet u, i banyak tips nak share ngan all of u ;))))

k back to your question...

if we were to think logically n scientifically, our products Bios Life SLIM is not weight lose, 

its FATS BURNING drink.

stated very clearly at our catalogues n even at our flyers kan sis..

U show them when its FATS lose, it focus to burn the fats. 

What is fats? yang color kuning-kuning bergetar.. berlemak.. stay in our body for many 

years... blocking our cells n urat2x.. causing sickness to arise.. 

Its very different from any products out there cos its mean for weight lose.. even if u 

go slimming centre, tea kampung slimming ke, slim products, ubat slim doctor etc.. 

You lose weight yes, tapi majority lose water.. lots of water.. when u stop consume it or 

stop going to slimming centre, u gain back your weight.. its yo-yo.. 

u lose the unhealthy 

way for some.. ada food replacement/meal replacement... 

(honestly the fact is many of us 

suka makan. if kasi meal replacement, its challenging cos cuma dapat tengok aje lauk pauk 

kat kedai or kat rumah tapi tak dapat makan.. so i dislike meal replacement)

So ours - Bios life slim, why is unique the products target on burning fats.. slowly 

u shrink.. n u can start to wear your old clothes.. u dah ada figure balik.. 

perut dah kempis..

So we lose in inches not on weight. 

Why? Some peole the lose the inches, tapi weight sama or even higher. 

why? because the Fats are converted to muscle. Your muscle are heavy. 

My husband lose 11 inches but gain 3 kg.. my frens frm size L to M tapi weight sama jugak 

75 kg.. Fats ni if duk lama dlm badan, it convert to muscle.. berat kan badan.. 

lain orang lain badan tak sama sis. ada inches n weight turun, ada inches aje.. 

last but not least, 

congrats k on the slimmer you. Bios life slim is not just meant for 

slimming tau, it helps giving us the energy n jaga kita nya cholesterol yg kita 

tak nampak.. muka pun radiant tau sis.. 

i always tell people, why is our products unique n world class.. 

i reply - mana nak dapat 

slimming product back up by many scientist!

Its listed in the Physician desk reference. Its a book where doctor used as a ref

 to prescribe vitamins to patients.. 

hope my explaination helps sis.. 

love you


Mood kak lola : Ordinary people wanna GROW...i got a move like Jagger...Love Dila

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